Web Services

PRICES START FROM £1/month for the first year of a multi-annual plan

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In addition to our Microsoft range of Cloud services M4siz offers it own range of web services through its own dedicated brand "SpecifiedIT".   Stand out from the Cloud with the range of M4siz and  SpecifiedIT services that incorporate the power of corporate computing but through a range of adaptable and scalable hosting packages that grow with your business.    So, whether you are just setting up a basic website to full professional dedicated services we have a solution for you.

M4siz and SpeciifedIT provide a an enormous selection of web building and web enabled management tools to allow you to ensure your web site remains relevant and current.    A simple and easy to use Control Panel allows you to manage every aspect of your website and business, anywhere and anytime, to ensure you capture that new market opportunity.

Each hosting solution comes with its own email accounts together with over 50 different software packages to choose from that will improve your user experience from virtual learning environments to e-commerce solutions.      Check out our Azure and Cloud services for a fully integrated approach to promoting your business effectively and profitably.

If you prefer, a fully managed service can be arranged to support you internal IT needs through our outsourcing packages and provide you with a corporate IT experience regardless of the scale of your operations.

So take on as much or as little as you need from hosting services and relax in the knowledge that you will receive an excellent support fro your all your IT needs:

  • domain search
  • website hosting
  • Easy-build web development software
  • email account management
  • FTP sites for easy management of files and storage
  • various software packages
  • e-commerce platforms
  • web building tools and templates to get you started
  • web design and web build services to grow the web offer you can deliver and the user experience your client experience.
  • and much more
  • Virtual learning platforms