M4siz Limited patents cover the use of the browser address bar as a natural search tool, including searches where a simplified syntax is used to humanize a web page such Such an address cannot be resolved without some form of re-direction occurring and this is principle upheld in our patent.

M4siz Limited has created Valid8TM and Liber8TM licenses to promote the development of a new dimension to brand value and how individuals undertake data and product information searches. An M4siz’d client will be provided with a logical and natural search environment direct from the browser address bar. M4siz believes that this facility will revolutionize the use of browser based resources. This reduces the reliance on search enhancement strategies to improve search engine rankings.

On an M4siz’d site your client satisfaction will be improved as a result of the precision and specificity of an M4siz’d brand strategy. For corporate clients our patented technology will promote:

  • improved communication across internet, intranet and extranet through simplified text searches
  • improved customer experience by enhancing the customer journey regardless of starting point by integrating catalogue, advertising and in-store merchandising