Error Handing

Error handling occurs when the web address of the company or organisation you type into the web-browser is not recognised.

How these errors are handled is fundamental to the effectiveness of the internet or intranet you are using.

How these errors are handled lies at the heart of the M4siz patents and why our Branding Engine technology is so effective in supporting your marketing and promotional activity as well as in the management of the user experience.

Error Messages

Error handling that can lead to infringing our patent can occur at two locations : Client and Server.

Client-side infringement

The Client is either the browser manufacturer, the host files or some other technical mechanism such as proxies infringe the patent on the user’s actual PC.

Server-side infringement

The second is where the patent is infringed on the server through the web server, .htaccess or other technical mechanism that influences the error handling and reporting. HTTP Error codes are returned for all events in HTML including successful ones.