M4siz Limited has two patents in the area of search procedures using domain (database location) plus some form of string (search term): GB 2368414 and US 6526402. These patents were published between 2002 and 2003 and remain in force. View M4siz Technology video.

M4siz offers two forms of licence:

  • Compliance Licence
  • Development Licence

Currently offering a perpetual combined Development and Compliance Licence for a single fee

The Compliance Licence is a one-off licence fee that covers all historic infringments of the patents and allows the user to continue to utilise our patented technology in their marketing or other branding. The charge we make for this licence is confidential and company-specific as it is determined by a number of factors which we assess during our period of Discovery around your business.

The Development Licence  extends the Compliance licence to allow you to work with M4siz and your own brand requirements to develop and incorporate the M4siz'ing of your brand and products.

The charge we make for this is again dependent on our Discovery process and your concept, and confidential to the client. Challenges arising out of our Discovery process can range from a simplified call to action to a full user-determined natural language search of your product database or knowledge bank to improve search precision and click-through rates.

Discovery is a process where our team will visit you and review your market and web collateral over one or two days to fully understand your needs and concepts. This will require a full and frank exchange of your internet and traditional media approaches to brand management and product promotion. We will also carry out a media landscape analysis of your company to identify where the opportunities for M4siz technology to be deployed on your site. Of course, a fundamental aspect of Discovery is to understand you and your business so that we can offer the most appropriate solution using our mantra: ask the simple questions, provide simple solutions. This is a critical stage in our process as it determines the nature of the relationship we have with you and the type of licence you will require.

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