Superfast Internet Telephony (VOIP) and Broadband

M4siz proudly present another great Friday Bonus offer of Superfast fibre VOIP telephony.

Telephones are still the life blood of any organisation's link to their employees, markets and customers. The answer to cost effective telecoms is now truly linked to internet based telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). The continuing expansion in the corporate use of internet based telephony it now offers a stable platform to base your communications strategies. VOIP options are much more attractive than traditional land line options as they offer lower organisational telephony costs and are more flexible in scaling to your organisational needs. VOIP allows you to operate your organisation's telephony via a software based exchange rather than more capital intensive options. Our VOIP control panel offers advantage advantages including inhouse management of telephone extensions network and personalised phone diversion.

Don't panic a VOIP phone is the just same as your normal phone only with many more user friendly functions to help your daily workloads. It supports staff mobility and keeps you in contact wherever you are working as if you were sitting t your desk.

VOIP telephony is suitable for any size of business and even in your home helps cut telephony costs to promote improved collaboration across teams by integrating with your office IT systems and resources.

To introduce our Broadband and VOIP telephony services we have a great Friday Bonus until 29th February. We iffer a range of broadband services including Superfast fibre options. To access the offer is straightforward simply sign up to our Broadband service contract for 24 months and benefit from our incredible but two get one free offer on * and we will include

  • CISCO 504G telephone handsets or
  • an equivalent headset

Simply fill out the form below, before the deadline, to register your interest and we will confirm your order and gift in an email to you.

* subject to terms and conditions for the promotion and only one gift entry per organisation or ip address.

VOIP and Office 365 Teams Bonus offer
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