Make lost data a thing of the past

At M4siz we are driven to ensure our clients sleep soundly at night safe and secure in the knowledge that their corporate and personal information is secure and has a reliable backup. Avoid business disruption and continuity issues and power your business growth securely. Go beyond locally redundant storage with Geo-redundant storage.

With Microsoft Azure Geo-redundancy and Geo-replication your data can be stored in different geographical hubs and your data replicated into secondary storage according to your needs.

This makes corporate data doubly secure as all our Azure cloud storage resources are already shared across a number of servers.  With Geo-redundancy an extra dimension is available to you.

What is Locally Redundant Storage: this uses the intrinsic benefits of the cloud to store information across three separate hubs or nodes.  In some instances clients may prefer to retain their data in one governance area but LRS may also have data replication rate advantages if you need rapid updating of information across your system

What is Geo-Redundant Storage: essentially this duplicated your risk of data failure by deploying replication across 6 nodes and across different geographical region.  Thus a massive power out in one region will not affect the durability and performance of your system elsewhere.  While data replication cycles may be slightly slower the advantages to massive secure storage of less volatile data is clearly relevant.

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